Resume Writing: Common Errors To Avoid

When it comes to writing a resume, you need to know what mistakes to avoid.  These errors are so common and most of the time, they get your application thrown out with no chance of an interview. You’ve probably made some of them yourself when you were applying for jobs advertised in the newspaper or online. Not everyone is a pro at resume writing like some people are.  Some people know enough about it to get by and some just can’t get ... Read more

Interview Body Language Do’s and Don’ts

Interviews may be an unfortunate part of any job hunt because they can be very stressful, especially if you’re not trained in the art of interviewing. Careful interviewers are often looking at a number of indicators when filling positions and your success in the hot seatthan by what you say. Here’s a list of important body language do’s and don’ts to help you ace your next interview and land the job. 1. Do Start with a Firm Handshake. This is almost a ... Read more