Interview Body Language Do’s and Don’ts

Interview Body Language Do’s and Don’ts - UPCVUP Blog

Interviews may be an unfortunate part of any job hunt because they can be very stressful, especially if you’re not trained in the art of interviewing. Careful interviewers are often looking at a number of indicators when filling positions and your success in the hot seat

may be even more influenced by how you look and act
than by what you say. Here’s a list of important body language do’s and don’ts to help you ace your next interview and land the job.
1. Do Start with a Firm Handshake. This is almost a cliché tip to provide but it’s one of the most important and often forgotten in the stress of the moment. Walk up confidently and offer your hand first as a sign of trust and interest. With a firm handshake you create an immediate connection and confirm your strength and confidence.
2. Don’t Look Disinterested. Though you’re surely vying for the position and trying your best to impress the interviewer, you may be conveying a different story in your body language. Avoid slouching in your seat, leaning towards the door, crossing your arms, or assessing the office space and desk trinkets. Your gaze should always be directed at the interviewer or the presented materials and your body should be as straight and aligned as possible without resorting to stiffness.
3. Do Mirror Your Interviewer. Friends and lovers become more alike over time and people tend to be more comfortable around those that they are like. These consistencies arise in speech, speed of walking, length of stride, frequency of smiles, and other often overshadowed body movements. Practice with a friend before your interview to copy basic movements and mannerisms in a way that’s approachable and relatable without ever crossing over into creepy territory.
4. Don’t Lose Your Cool.It’s okay to laugh at a tongue twister and even take a moment to collect your thoughts if a question is presented out of left field but it’s important to remain in control. Physical triggers like shaking your leg, looking up at the ceiling, playing with your hair, or touching your face all indicate nervousness or frustration and it’s important to fight these impulses so that you can maintain a friendly, relatable demeanor even when you want to lose your cool.
5. Do Keep Your Gestures Visible. It’s best to sit slightly away from the table so that you can comfortably rest your hands and arms on the flat surface without squishing your body proportions or laying your body weight onto the table. In this position you can be free with your hands, show small, supportive gestures, and create a controlled, calm demeanor by centering yourself in the simplest way.
6. Don’t Lose Yourself. An interview should convey the best parts of you and show your true personality. For the sake of the interviewer’s comfort and heightened awareness you should follow the basic guidelines of proper interview body language but never at the expense of feeling uncomfortable, stale, or stiff.


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